About Danji

Currently living in Mallorca, Spain
Languages: English, Deutsch, Espanol, Cesky, Francais, Italiano
learning chinese
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in October 2015 i had a spiritual awakening. The universe send me a message to massage women at that point.
I am what some call an intuitive healer
I was born with extremely high sensitivity (cancer sunsign and cancer ascendent) and can feel blockages in peoples bodies and i can release them with my hands.
I have done around 800 Sessions mostly with women from healing reiki sessions, massages & tantra and yoni sessions

If you would like to get in touch with me use Whatsapp: +420770626831

I have worked with:
* women from 18 to 55
* abused or raped women
* women who lack joy in their life
* women with sexual problems
* women interested in getting to know their body differently
* women seeking spiritual growth or guidance
* two women at the same time

Who are my usual customers

Women who want to enjoy and want to rest
Women with life problems (partnership, family, profession, body etc.)
Women who want to be spoiled by a man without having to give back
Women in partnerships as well as single women
Women who had traumatic experiences
Those who are curious
And those who want to grow spiritually

I deeply understand the chakra energy system

Deep Relaxation


a small example of reviews

"I never believed in Chakras and Energies. But what happened in these 2 hours just blew me away"
"Hello Daniel, after a bit, I can say that has changed energetically with me ... I feel myself again permeated and surrounded by love ..."
"Thank you for yesterday, I am full of energy and good mood now."
"I really do not know what you did yesterday, but I want more of it ...."
"... a burden has fallen from me ... Thank you."
"Now I feel completely well"
"I've never felt anything like that."
"You gave me a lot"
"Most of the men have no idea how to touch women, I can let you fall right, I trust you"
"With my 40 years, I had the feeling for the first time a man knows how to touch me, I thought it was always me, I do not know how to thank you, it was indescribably beautiful .."
"The last time I felt that way was a few years ago when I was on a spiritual journey in India, I can feel the heart energy intensely"
"Where did you learn that? Come tell me where you learned that, I do not know anyone who does it so well."

For two women at the same time

"Although I'm not a lesbian I've always been curious to deepen my friendship with my best female friend and get to know our bodies. We had waited a long time but in your session it was just right. I felt like one with you and my friend. It was completely without thought. I have never been so relaxed. "

"My sister and I felt very close to you right from the start. It is a pity that we live so far away. We would come every day."

"Two lesbians: Me and my partner we have constantly argued. Your session helped us reconnect at a deeper level. "

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